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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > Odd "slide hold" issue with new keyboard assembly
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    Odd "slide hold" issue with new keyboard assembly

    We recently had to swap out the keyboard and circuit board assembly because we were having a lot of issues. Jog was crunchy, the table would move in the wrong axis when jogging, complete computer lockup (even e-stop wouldn't work), random "N" characters on command line, etc.

    With the new assembly everything is working as it should except two things:
    1 - When in MDI it will stop taking input after a few commands. You can manual back and it's fine for another minute.
    2 - When running a program (trickled in over USB->serial) it will randomly "slide hold" every 15 seconds to 2 minutes. "Start" will get it going again without issue.

    Anyone ever run into this? Any ideas on fixing it?


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    Re: Odd "slide hold" issue with new keyboard assembly

    UPDATE: So, the slide hold issue solved itself but "0" and "- =" keys stopped working. As it turns out, zero is pretty useful.

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    Re: Odd "slide hold" issue with new keyboard assembly

    I believe there is a Compatibility issue with the older 1090 cards software (the Keyboard interface) with newer keyboards. Where did you buy the new keyboard? they should know that answer. It happened to me when i replaced a keyboard on my older Fadal.

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