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    Post Offset Diameter Cam Turning/Milling on Lynx 2100

    Hello, Anybody got some Ideas on this?

    I am having trouble programming a .250" offset 1.5" +-.006 Dia on 2" OD, on our just purchase Doosan Lynx 2100LYA. Getting .07" out of round. I am trying to do this with a vertical 1/2 endmill with a R.03.
    The E-Z I software on the control wants me to do it as a live tool face, but with the tail stock and clamping less than 3/8" deep on a hex and my offest diameter starts at -1.625 and finishes at -2.875" , it rules that out as a possibility.

    The strange part is I use a 1/2 Ballnose endmill and i am getting .030" out of round, I tried using a 1/4" 90 degree point endmill and its only out .002" Tried a CMNG insert and turning it, comes out perfectly round too, but taking out all that material, I am only pushing 1/8" DOC and .005 stepover, I am pushing the head as fast as it rotates but it takes a lot of time, as I am doing a lot of these pieces.
    I also tried mucking about changing the rad in the program but if I increase or decrease it, I get some pretty cool egg shaped designs.
    It's like I almost have to program some kind of tip comp in.

    Also included a pic of what I am trying

    I got a program off this forums and modified the diameters.

    O1338(OFFSET MILL)
    G54 G40 G00 X13.6 Y0 Z10.0
    G00 T020 2M03
    G97 S2600 P12 M35
    X2.1 Z0.25
    G50 C0.
    G1 G98 X2.0 Z0.0 C0.0F20.
    M98 P1337 L125
    G40G00 X13.6 Y0 Z10.0 T0000
    M05 P12

    Sub Program 1337
    G2X-1.0 C0. R0.75 W-0.01 F20.
    X2.0 C0.0 R0.75 F20.

    Thanks for any input, as I am new to programming lathes, and my company decided I'll be the one they throw in head first to learn it.
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    Re: Offset Diameter Cam Turning/Milling on Lynx 2100

    Do you have the classroom manual?
    I wrote them way back when I worked for Doosan, and I'd be glad to send you a copy.

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    No I don't I just have the ones that shipped with the machine and what is on the flash drive. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Offset Diameter Cam Turning/Milling on Lynx 2100

    It's my pleasure. PM me

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    Figured it out, kinda hard to do manually, The cutter either cuts on the front or back tip, which throws me out of round. Got a buddy to post out something for me. I'll share it if anyone wants it for reference.

    X1.4768 Z-0.4453 F72.0
    X1.477 Z-0.448
    X1.4571 C-4682.286 F3600.0
    X1.4353 C-4684.819
    X1.4211 C-4686.523
    X1.3917 C-4689.988
    X1.37 C-4692.628
    X1.3407 C-4696.216
    X1.3193 C-4698.951
    X1.2905 C-4702.675
    X1.2695 C-4705.517
    X1.2413 C-4709.39
    X1.221 C-4712.35
    X1.194 C-4716.387
    X1.1745 C-4719.475
    X1.1551 C-4722.623
    X1.1364 C-4725.833
    X1.1183 C-4729.106
    X1.1072 C-4731.319
    X1.0902 C-4734.691
    X1.074 C-4738.13
    X1.059 C-4741.635
    X1.0453 C-4745.212
    X1.0328 C-4748.865
    X1.0192 C-4753.836
    X1.0089 C-4758.937
    X1.0024 C-4764.194
    X1.0 C-4769.658
    X1.0022 C-4775.213
    X1.0091 C-4780.764
    X1.0206 C-4786.302
    X1.0365 C-4791.822
    X1.0509 C-4795.946
    X1.0682 C-4800.052
    X1.087 C-4804.139
    X1.1082 C-4808.204
    X1.1311 C-4812.246
    X1.1474 C-4814.926
    X1.1723 C-4818.869
    X1.1897 C-4821.431
    X1.2072 C-4823.931
    X1.2331 C-4827.54
    X1.2507 C-4829.874
    X1.2767 C-4833.276
    X1.2943 C-4835.491
    X1.3203 C-4838.724
    X1.3461 C-4841.88
    X1.3636 C-4843.953
    X1.3893 C-4846.997
    X1.4148 C-4849.983
    X1.44 C-4852.918
    X1.457 C-4854.852
    X1.4819 C-4857.711
    X1.5064 C-4860.53
    X1.5306 C-4863.315
    X1.5469 C-4865.159
    X1.5706 C-4867.897
    X1.5939 C-4870.613
    X1.617 C-4873.312
    X1.6396 C-4875.998
    X1.6619 C-4878.676
    X1.6838 C-4881.351
    X1.7054 C-4884.031
    X1.7266 C-4886.727
    X1.7475 C-4889.449
    X1.768 C-4892.202
    X1.7881 C-4894.979
    X1.8009 C-4896.806
    X1.8144 C-4898.74
    X1.8339 C-4901.682
    X1.8533 C-4904.73
    X1.8722 C-4907.891
    X1.8848 C-4910.101
    X1.8964 C-4912.295
    X1.9026 C-4913.402
    X1.9136 C-4915.612
    X1.919 C-4916.715
    X1.9292 C-4918.917
    X1.9384 C-4921.113
    X1.9432 C-4922.21
    X1.9516 C-4924.399
    X1.9592 C-4926.585
    X1.9632 C-4927.676
    X1.9699 C-4929.855
    X1.9732 C-4930.944
    X1.979 C-4933.118
    X1.9839 C-4935.29
    X1.9864 C-4936.375
    X1.9904 C-4938.543
    X1.9935 C-4940.709
    X1.9952 C-4941.791
    X1.9974 C-4943.955
    X1.9988 C-4946.117
    X1.9997 C-4948.627
    X1.9999 C-4950.404
    X1.9993 C-4952.748
    X1.9987 C-4953.257
    X1.9974 C-4955.585
    X1.9947 C-4958.13
    X1.9911 C-4960.594
    X1.9868 C-4962.975
    X1.9799 C-4966.079
    X1.9718 C-4969.091
    X1.9627 C-4972.038
    X1.9525 C-4974.937
    X1.9413 C-4977.802
    X1.9323 C-4979.928
    X1.919 C-4982.756
    X1.9085 C-4984.857
    X1.8974 C-4986.956
    X1.8811 C-4989.757
    X1.8686 C-4991.853
    X1.8552 C-4993.953
    X1.8364 C-4996.766
    X1.8218 C-4998.882
    X1.8011 C-5001.723
    X1.7853 C-5003.864
    X1.7628 C-5006.743
    X1.7457 C-5008.915
    X1.7281 C-5011.102
    X1.7035 C-5014.048
    X1.6849 C-5016.274
    X1.6658 C-5018.518
    X1.6394 C-5021.546
    X1.6194 C-5023.838
    X1.5992 C-5026.152
    X1.5786 C-5028.49
    X1.5578 C-5030.853
    X1.5367 C-5033.242
    X1.5154 C-5035.659
    X1.4864 C-5038.931
    X1.477 C-5040.0
    X1.4788 Z-0.498 F72.0
    X1.459 C-5042.292 F3600.0
    X1.4372 C-5044.82
    X1.4155 C-5047.381
    X1.3938 C-5049.98
    X1.3644 C-5053.509
    X1.3429 C-5056.198
    X1.3137 C-5059.857
    X1.2925 C-5062.647
    X1.2639 C-5066.449
    X1.2433 C-5069.352
    X1.2156 C-5073.31
    X1.1956 C-5076.336
    X1.1756 C-5079.42
    X1.1562 C-5082.565
    X1.1374 C-5085.771
    X1.1257 C-5087.938
    X1.1078 C-5091.241
    X1.0906 C-5094.61
    X1.0796 C-5096.901
    X1.0641 C-5100.377
    X1.0497 C-5103.925
    X1.0371 C-5107.542
    X1.0223 C-5112.488
    X1.0138 C-5116.269
    X1.0052 C-5121.444
    X1.0007 C-5126.79
    X1.0005 C-5132.332
    X1.005 C-5137.886
    X1.0141 C-5143.432
    X1.0277 C-5148.962
    X1.0405 C-5153.096
    X1.0562 C-5157.214
    X1.0735 C-5161.315
    X1.0935 C-5165.395
    X1.1151 C-5169.453
    X1.1306 C-5172.145
    X1.1467 C-5174.826
    X1.1717 C-5178.776
    X1.1977 C-5182.617
    X1.2242 C-5186.303
    X1.2502 C-5189.805
    X1.2762 C-5193.206
    X1.2938 C-5195.425
    X1.3198 C-5198.657
    X1.3456 C-5201.816
    X1.3713 C-5204.905
    X1.3888 C-5206.934
    X1.4143 C-5209.922
    X1.4395 C-5212.857
    X1.4565 C-5214.793
    X1.4814 C-5217.652
    X1.5059 C-5220.472
    X1.5301 C-5223.257
    X1.554 C-5226.013
    X1.5701 C-5227.84
    X1.5935 C-5230.556
    X1.6165 C-5233.255
    X1.6392 C-5235.94
    X1.6615 C-5238.619
    X1.6834 C-5241.294
    X1.7049 C-5243.974
    X1.7261 C-5246.67
    X1.747 C-5249.391
    X1.7675 C-5252.135
    X1.7875 C-5254.901
    X1.8005 C-5256.745
    X1.814 C-5258.681
    X1.8336 C-5261.623
    X1.8529 C-5264.668
    X1.872 C-5267.859
    X1.8846 C-5270.061
    X1.8962 C-5272.26
    X1.9024 C-5273.367
    X1.9134 C-5275.577
    X1.9189 C-5276.68
    X1.929 C-5278.882
    X1.9383 C-5281.079
    X1.9431 C-5282.176
    X1.9515 C-5284.365
    X1.9556 C-5285.458
    X1.9631 C-5287.642
    X1.9698 C-5289.821
    X1.9731 C-5290.91
    X1.9789 C-5293.085
    X1.9838 C-5295.256
    X1.9863 C-5296.341
    X1.9903 C-5298.509
    X1.9935 C-5300.675
    X1.9951 C-5301.758
    X1.9973 C-5303.921
    X1.9988 C-5306.083
    X1.9997 C-5308.648
    X1.9999 C-5310.423
    X1.9993 C-5312.767
    X1.9987 C-5313.284
    X1.9974 C-5315.554
    X1.9947 C-5318.109
    X1.9912 C-5320.573
    X1.9868 C-5322.955
    X1.98 C-5326.06
    X1.9719 C-5329.073
    X1.9628 C-5332.02
    X1.9526 C-5334.919
    X1.9414 C-5337.785
    X1.9291 C-5340.625
    X1.9195 C-5342.738
    X1.9089 C-5344.843
    X1.8938 C-5347.65
    X1.882 C-5349.747
    X1.8647 C-5352.551
    X1.8514 C-5354.652
    X1.8374 C-5356.76
    X1.8176 C-5359.587
    X1.8024 C-5361.717
    X1.7808 C-5364.578
    X1.7643 C-5366.736
    X1.741 C-5369.639
    X1.7234 C-5371.83
    X1.7053 C-5374.038
    X1.68 C-5377.013
    X1.6609 C-5379.263
    X1.6414 C-5381.532
    X1.6215 C-5383.823
    X1.6012 C-5386.136
    X1.5735 C-5389.26
    X1.5526 C-5391.63
    X1.5315 C-5394.025
    X1.5102 C-5396.448
    X1.4888 C-5398.901
    X1.4788 C-5400.0

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    Re: Offset Diameter Cam Turning/Milling on Lynx 2100

    You could use Polar Interpolation - G12.1...

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