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    Smile OKK MHA 300 II WITH MELDAS 86B

    Dear all.

    I have old machine okk with Meldas 86B controller.
    The machine is now lost all parameter and language is Japanese.
    I do not known the way to repair.
    Anyone have document, parameter of meldas 86B please help me.
    Please show me the way to change language from Japanese to English.

    Thanks and waiting your reply.

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    You need to get to the system parameters located in the diagnostics page. I think it's about page 6 where you will see the cursor blinking at the bottom. You need to type H(1000) place a 1 under bit 2 and be in mode M0 (MZero). Then press parameters button to get to the system parameters. Probably you will see a lot of garbage parameters as you said everything is lost. Look for parameter PSY07 at try to input zero's to see if you can get English back. As far as the parameters for this machine you may need to contact OKK to see if they have the original parameters from the factory. They will probably need the serial number as well as the model.



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    How to input machine parameter

    Hi Chippy,

    I have done as you said, but I got only System Parameter page. All the other pages (such as machine parameter - about 11 pages) I couldn't get.
    Could you please give me some advice about this?

    My machine: OKK Graphic ML, Meldas 86IIB


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    Hi Jung
    You can do it by key in H(1001) (10000000) (M0) and Input, so depress Parameter key.

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