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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Okuma Cadet "Stroke End Over Travel "
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    Okuma Cadet "Stroke End Over Travel "

    Hi Guys .
    Im stuck on the X axis and looking for help on getting the axis back to normal.
    I did make sure the stroke is back at the factory setting to save my tail.
    My problem is whats what here .
    Is it a press switch or a toggle switch that needs to be activated.
    Here is what I have found in my manual and a picture inside the cabinet

    Please advise the proper way to get the machine off the alarm

    And Happy New Year

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    Re: Okuma Cadet "Stroke End Over Travel "

    So I got the machine to move, but its not moving the correct way,.
    My Factory stroke Settings are
    P 365.2417
    N 351.4622

    What do I need to open them up to make this work and also why is it not moving in both negative and Positive directions ??
    Its moving out and I want top move in...

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    Re: Okuma Cadet "Stroke End Over Travel "

    Technically it is not complicated. More details and specific would help a lot.
    1. What happens between time point "machine is working correct" and time point "today" ? Some maintenance/ lack of maintenance ( dirt collected ) ?
    2. What is status of hardware limit switches.
    3. The tumbler "Stroke End Cancel" must be back to 0 ( off status ) when the axis moved away from the limit point.
    4. Look if axis moved to parameter stroke limit doesn't touch the hardware limit switch.

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