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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Okuma Genos - Alarm-B 2785 - Presetting
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    Okuma Genos - Alarm-B 2785 - Presetting

    Hi, i have this little problem

    On my Genos M560 i have installed an original Okuma Presetting

    For 2 year work good, now if i start measurement of the tool i look this error "Alarm-B 2785, 3"

    Is like presetter don't start, but i'm sure have to start

    This issue later installation of a Renishaw

    Help me?

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    Re: Okuma Genos - Alarm-B 2785 - Presetting

    What are coordinates of the touch setter? Is it touch setter on OSP?
    There is semi-automatic procedure of touch setter cordinate settings, very similar to tooltip settings.

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