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    Okuma LT-15 alarm

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I am newbie working on a Okuma LT-15. It is throwing an alarm code 1784 1 A on the upper turret. If you hold the button down it spins but when you you release it, turret stops and faults out. I am trying to locate the limit switches on this. I have taken a couple of the covers off but not really seeing anything yet. I am not a machinist, I am just trying to help out a buddy. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    First of all: what happened? Was there a bang and turret is displaced a little?
    Looks like the turret is not clamping.
    Check if tool tip position is in the center of spindle rotation. Take the finish cutter and try to align the tip with the center of clamped workpiece. You will see the big mismatch without precise action. It means the turret is misaligned - displaced by bang.
    If not, there can be more reasons. Make sure the turret is aligned before you go to adjust the limit switches.
    It's easy to align the Okuma turret in case if it is installed correctly and tapered pins are taken away. Remove cover, loosen clamping bolts a bit and tap in the pins. This gives at least 50 µm accuracy.

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    It was working fine before we shut down for christmas break. They shut the machine off and when we came back in Monday it immediately threw an alarm before even starting a first piece. I will look into aligning it next then. Thanks

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    Where exactly are the proximity switches on this upper turret? I think one maybe loose or gummed up and would like to look at them before we call gossinger.

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    take a picture of the turret, I will mark screws.
    easy visible on your picture at the start of this thread.

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    I split the case yesterday. I left the back half on for now.

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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    have no idea why my pictures are not attached. I uploaded pictures to web hosting.

    "okuma _01.jpg" and "okuma _03.jpg" are mechanical switches. "okuma _02.jpg" follow the cable. The branch to left goes to pointed LS. A branch down goes to one more place.


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    Re: Okuma LT-15 alarm

    I got them and greatly appreciate it. Will get to work tracking these down!!

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