Hello all,

I believe I have a faulty MIV unit in my ES-L6 lathe. I'd like to know what MIV modules can interchange with each other.

I know that the last couple digits in the part number are the ROM version of the unit. So would a B5 work in place of a B1? Another way to say that is is the B5 an updated ROM that supercedes the B1, or, does it mean its completely different for a different type of machine?

Next, The numbers following MIV indicate power output to axis drive. Would a larger capacity output be OK to use? Say a MIV03 in place of a MIV02.

Lastly, for now, Is there a way to trick the machine into booting up so I can dump programs out or rotate the turret so I can get tools out while I wait for a replacement MIV? I bought a USB floppy simulator and would like to do some testing with that in the mean time.

I bought this machine super cheap for a at home hobby level machine, so the budget is extremely tight for it. It was working when I bought it. Thought it would work for more than an hour before it acted up...welcome to my life.

At least there are no customers waiting for parts.

Thank You for any insight,
Dave in Ohio