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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Okuma MX-55VA alarm code 1280
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    Okuma MX-55VA alarm code 1280

    Ive recently bought a Okuma MX55

    Now i started it up for the first time and everything seems to work great.

    While the machine was powerd i went to do some other stuff for a while and talked to another guy, while we stood 25feet away ive heard that the machine hit the EMG stop and the alarm light was on.

    Fine so i went over and got this message.

    "1280 Alarm A axis change control unusual 100"

    Looked it up in the manual.

    But i dont get what the issue is.

    Manual reads

    " The change axis is in abnormal state or the axis change cannot be morally controlled."

    Code 100....... MA-axis enabling LS and TS-axis enabling LS are Both ON.

    I have no clue what that means?

    Machine has palletchanger and 20tool disk.

    Regards Tobias

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    Re: Okuma MX-55VA alarm code 1280

    Check some important points:
    The Alarm occured when the Machine was standing still, no axis movement and no spindle run, right?
    I would advice to level the machine properly first.
    Check the status of inputs. As the alarm says, there are inputs active which can't be active both at the same time. Check the wiring, LS itself.

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