Hello guys

We have a okuma CNC machine, we are transfering programs to it using NFS Network Share.
We have started having alot of trouble transfering files. normally we go into the network share using OSP700m greenscreen display, select the folder, and select program. normaly it takes 20 - 60 sec to transfer a file, but sometimes it takes forever (5 minutes or more) (same file that could take 60 second last time i downloaded it to the cnc machine).
The frustrating part of the issue is that sometimes it works fine, and sometime it is slow...

I verified the network, connecting a laptop instead of the Okuma machine, and tried to transfer some files to my laptop, it works fine...

Is there a temporary storage on the Okuma that could get full? is there any command to clear the temporary area?

One of the operators has seen this error once (but its also slow without this error appearing), but we do not know if its related:

5258 No subprogram file
Error manual says: in program selcetion the subprogram designated is not found in the bubble memory (bb1

Measures to take: Designate a correct subprogram filename. if there is no subprogram file, create one.

There is no pointers to subprogram inside the programs we are running.... and the filenames are only LETTERS and Numbers, no spaces, no special characters.