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    Okuma osp 7000l turret

    I would like to slow down turret revolving speed on LB 25m okuma with osp7000l
    But i do not know exact parameters

    And also i noticed that parameters for turret angle are like in this photo

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    Re: Okuma osp 7000l turret

    My advice don't touch these parameters. These are automatically done with special procedure of turret alignment. You can correct manually the parameters slightly, taking care about secure clamp position.
    So, leave these parameters in piece.
    As for turret indexing speed. I don't understand a reason. Everyone wants the turret to be indexed as fast as possible normally. No?
    Check if your turret is not moving ( by angle ) when clamping and unclamping. The angle movement during clamp or/ and unclamp indicates the indexing needs update. And probably the turret must be re-alligned also.

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    Re: Okuma osp 7000l turret

    hy chispas i don't know for your machine, but on newer models, you should go at "machine user parameter ( turret door ) \ turret index override a-side"; it's value can be set between 0 - 100%, default 0; pls be aware that 0 and 100 % will both trigger the maximum speed, and 1 will trigger the minimum speed

    if you have shocks during turret indexing:
    ... lowering the indexing speed will reduce them, but you may find out that you may need to reduce the speed too much, in order to smooth the indexing motion; on newer models, inside "system parameters page", is an option that deals with heavy tools, that can eliminate (or drastically reduce) shocks without a big loss in indexing speed, by changing index motion cinematic
    ... try balancing your turret, by mounting your toolholders in a cross pattern, opposing equal masses
    ... you may get rid of them by reversing the indexing direction; for example, if you hear the turret always 'bumping' when indexing from 4 to 8, then try to index the long way arround; on newer models this trick requires to disable the shortest path during indexing ( from "machine user parameter ( turret door ) \ turret short path control a-side" ), and, as a result, the turret will always index in the same direction, at least in manual mode; in automatic mode, thus when runing a program, direction can be set by using M86 and/or M87

    all above parameters work, but i don't know if they are available for your machine; sorry

    however, before going hunting, check how your turret behaves when it is empty : thus strip it ( + like mr bunny says, it should be aligned, or at least not to heavy missaligned), then index it post by post, then again, in reverse :
    ... if all is ok, then perhaps the toolholders need to be re-aranged, etc
    ... if something is fishy :
    ...... like big time, then call the service
    ...... like manageable, then you may smooth out the movement by editing the parameters from the image that you shared; take a photo ( for backup reason ), then, if you dare, go with ±0.005max increments, but don't offset too much, because it may damage the internal mechanism; even on an empty turret, the indexing shock strength depends on the indexing sense, thus, if you edit those parameters to almost smooth out indexing motion in one direction, you must check also the reverse direction, and find the balance; a bit tricky, but not impossible

    perhaps you know, but please remember that an empty turret will always index waaaaaay smoother than a heavy loaded turret

    but, hmm, what are we doing here ?! kindly
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    Re: Okuma osp 7000l turret

    Quote Originally Posted by Chispas View Post
    I would like to slow down turret revolving speed on LB 25m okuma with osp7000l
    But i do not know exact parameters

    And also i noticed that parameters for turret angle are like in this photo

    Open SYSTEM PARAMETER page and change to find turret parameter page with PageUp/PageDown key
    Rapid feed is active when program is running
    Jog feed is active when press turret rotation key
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