I recently got a Okuma MX-45VAE with a OSP700M control from an auction. I got one of the board fixed, added new oil, then moved the axes. Then I tried the pallet changer out in manual mode. I got the machine to move over in X, the door to open, and the pallet to unclamp. Then it wouldn't do anything else. I found the page that says the sequence number and the parameter page that has the APC sequence number. The sequence was step 6. I didn't realize this later but pallet "B" was loaded on the machine and pallet "A".

I have tried many thing to get it to move so I am a little fuzzy on what I did. But here we go I changed the sequence number to 7 and pallet A moved to the load position even though pallet B was already in the machine.
Then I changed sequence number to 6 (if I remember right) and it started to pull pallet B out of the machine even though pallet A was in the way.

How do put pallet A ( the one on the pallet changer ) in the storage position ( front of the machine)?
How do I put pallet B back in the fully loaded position in the machine?