I am new in the EDM world and I need some help to start.

I bought old but working condition Agie Pulse 45LM Sinking EDM machine.
Does anyone have experience with this machine? Can someone share instruction manuals and burning tables with me?
Can anyone explain EDM control panel buttons to me, what they do exactly - JB, JT, JP ?
I researched that:
- JB is 270V and 0,5-5A
- JT is 100V and 3,5-20A
- JP is 100V and 20A-40A-60A
Question is - when I use JB and JT together at the same time while both values are turned into 2 then how many volts they give? Or I should not use these together at all?

I also looked at another machine 60L2 004 - there was a separately button to change no-load voltage (100V-150V-270V).

I added my machine pictures.

Any advice would be grateful.

Thank you to anyone who could help me.