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    Old cnc program import with ms dos problems

    I have an old cnc Alberti that I have managed to get working through dos box I am having major trouble with getting programs to upload so I have to type g code manually I know nothing about ms dos and I do not know anybody that does, was hoping that you guys could shed some light ,I don't expect for free ,I have spent days on the internet ,the system is running on windows 7 professional 64bit I will forward the program so if ms dos guru out there please let me know? apparently it needs an import exe program I have a copy from another guy but cannot get to work regards Steve



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    Re: Old cnc program import with ms dos problems

    ...not sure how the configuration you have works exactly but, there are ways to use the a Command Line in DOS for serial ports, etc. This link may help ya.
    happy hunting,

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    Re: Old cnc program import with ms dos problems

    Does the system work for you in DOS? Do the motors run? Is it connected through the parallel port of your DOS computer?

    If the only problem you've got is transferring programs, how were they stored? DOS isn't going to be able to open a file on your thumb drive; those were developed after DOS was defunct. Your best bet to transfer files from another computer would be to burn them to a CD-ROM - DOS should be able to open it and copy it to your C drive. Here's a list of DOS commands, if you don't already have one: https://www.computerhope.com/overview.htm
    Andrew Werby

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