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    Old GM Fanuc ArcMate S-5 Zeroing and Calibration

    Hello All, new to the wonderful world of Fanuc, bought an old GM Fanuc Arcmate S-5 for no particular reason but the price was so so right. Having little to zero CNC/robotics knowledge I'm surprised I got the thing moving as quickly as I did. Though programming is a no go and that is what brings me here.

    I can seem to figure out the zero/calibration procedure for my unit, it’s so old and obscure that when I called Fanuc they weren't even able to find the manual for the robot. I have included pictures of the robot, controller (RG2) and teach pendant for better understanding. If anyone can provide me with some guidance on how to go about this, I would be eternally grateful.

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    Re: Old GM Fanuc ArcMate S-5 Zeroing and Calibration

    ever get it running? i got one too- it appeared to be a unused virgin from 1993, 250 bucks...bought manuals off ebay, 400 total in it...jumped it to run single phase, put a transforner in it reverse connected to run off 110, amazed ran full speed/cool... thought, hmm- will it run off a noisy inverter? sure...thought- could it wave a Trump flag going down the highway? sure LOL

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