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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Oldschool Victor 1640 with Fanuc 20i-T control help.
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    Oldschool Victor 1640 with Fanuc 20i-T control help.

    Bought this lathe from a school sight unseen, got it to the shop and it look new for a 2002-2003 era machine. Powered up and runs great. I am new to cnc lathes in general, but not cnc mills and manual lathes. I have never run a Fanuc controller and it has been interesting. I dont have any of the books, but basically would like to use Fusion 360 CAM and load the gcode into the controller and run. I have a cable that I was told was correct after looking at the serial, but havent been able to verify as I dont know how to load programs. Does anyone have any advice that can help me? I ordered the books from Fanuc, but due to the age of the controller they are saying 60-90 day turn around time for the materials to be printed in Japan and shipped via row boat to my location...

    Please help


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    Re: Oldschool Victor 1640 with Fanuc 20i-T control help.

    Are you going to be comfortable with viewing and setting parameters in the control or the software to get communication going?

    May even be worth-while looking for someone local to come in and just go over basic Fanuc operation. Even a 1/2 day can do wonders. Some companies have even held on to the older manuals and may be able to provide them.

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