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    OMAL Insert 1300 CN2004 errors

    Hello All, I have been a long time woodworker and at one time I was an actual engineer. As such, when I went to work for a local cabinet shop on a part-time basis, the owner tasked me with learning his CNC machines. I am having a particular set of issues with a machine that he has never had running(He just bought the company a couple years ago). It is an OMAL 1300. My observations started with some very general errors that led me to replacing a fuse but I didnt get it to run. I am now getting very specific erros, which are related to the CN2004 componet. The errors state that it is having initializing and power issues, along with an axes issue. I am curious if anyone else has had similar issues and can point me to a fix; as I have bashed my metaphysical skull enough. I have attached an image showing the errors. Any help would be much appreciated. If this is something that is going to require replacement parts, a lead for that would also be nice, as I see that many of this machines componets are no longer being made.
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