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    Question Omax 2652 Seiberco motor replacement

    Hello I am looking for anyone that might have an older omax waterjet that they are selling for parts or suggestions for me. My waterjet is an Omax 2652 from 1998 with seiberco servo motors and drivers and my x-axis motor is no longer responding. It began showing the fault 'overvoltage' and when I pulled out the motor it had the steel wires from the serpent belt wrapped around the rotor shaft. I have not been able to find any technical information for these motors and am not sure what to do. I need a replacement for the motor or any suggestions for other viable options to try would be very appreciated thank you!

    Attached are a few pictures of what I am working with.

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    Re: Omax 2652 Seiberco motor replacement

    Hi there

    I think Omax stopped using these motors and drives in early 2000, and they are now obsolete.
    Unfortunately the latest motors they now use require different servo drives and a 9 axis controller upgrade As the system you currently have is the old 5 axis system.

    Many thanks

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