ve had my Omoicnc x8-1500M for a couple of years, however a couple of times its acted up out of nowhere.
So the problem is that when running files (often longer running files around 2-3 hours) it suddenly starts routing in another postition, it kind of drops the zero point and just keeps on running with the zero positions completely off.
last time it happened it just drilled itself into the table at the end of a two hour run.
I have checked all stepper motor joints and fastened them.

I have had some issues with my computer so i´m suspecting that might be the culprit. Its a windows 7 "ultimate" 64 bit system with 4 gb RAM
Now and then it gets a bluescreen at startup hence the suspicion. Its running on Mach3 and I´ve set the acceleration pretty low on all axis.

Thanks for any help!