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    OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    Amanda Cheung from OMNI, www.omni-cnc.com,
    sales@omni-cnc.com, Skype: omni-cnc

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    Re: OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    I also purchased a 1212 mach3 machine. XHC motion controller plus XHC pendant, 2.2kw spindle with Fuling DZB280 inverter - plus a few extra items.

    Overall the machine seems to be well built and solid.

    The issues I've had so far -

    when I 1st got the machine a month ago the moment I tried to over ride the spindle speed it would go to full power, this lasted for a couple of days then all of a sudden the spindle does not go to full rpm, goes no faster than 140Hz, normally between 40 & 100Hz.

    I did ask Omni for help but it's very basic, such as a screen shot or the most basic settings for the VFD - to be fair I have been sending a bit of info as I tried several installs over 2 new pcs, same problem persists.
    Im 9 hours behind china so I expect delays.

    The machine came with no manuals or backup settings.
    I did get the feeling that Omni seemed hesitant to send me all their docs relating to setting up this machine.

    I still have to resolve this with them before I can use this machine.

    The other problem was the pendant, you'd think that XHC products would be compatible, nope, even the fixed buttons such as home.....dont do anything except send z into orbit to the limits.In fact several buttons do this.
    not wishing to damage the machine I just left the pendant on the workbench.

    I have done some research on other people with the 1212 and 2 in particular had the same problem with the spindle as I have now.
    Other than not being able to solve the issue and actually use the cnc I hope Omni will do their best with customer support and help me get it fixed before I rip all the control system out and install something else.

    Riding on this will be an order for a much bigger machine so let's see.

    Other than the spindle issue, the pendant and lack of documentation it was a pretty smooth transaction dealing with omni; the product is solid and well built. well packed and delivered in a timely manner (door to door, all I had to pay for was duty and doc handling).
    Next time don't worry about guangxi, don't quote 10 days prep before shipment when you really mean more than a month ;-)

    ....now help me with my spindle....please.


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    Re: OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    Update...well I was asked to do a video showing the problems...which I did along with a very detailed list of the results of tests checking voltages etc from all the pin/ports....now they want a video of the MACH3 SRO slider in action showing that it doesn't work!! I should say that the vfd doesn't respond even though the output V of the card follow mach3 perfectly. Plus they also need a pic of the card they already installed!!!

    Sounds like delaying/wasting time tactics hoping i'll give up...in the meantime I have an OMNI cnc in my shop that I cannot use and jobs lined up that will go away if I can't get it sorted.

    No matter what you are told before you purchase....you have to really consider customer support...basically you're on your own once your money is in their hands.
    They do respond in a timely manner but do not really offer any real solution that stop me losing patience and money.

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    Re: OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    Quick update - Omni did finally send a replacement VFD FOC, inc DHL delivery. Installed and worked perfectly.
    Overall I'm quite happy with the machine BUT there is a vibration from the 300 Z axis; I suspect it is poorly supported and also I noticed motor tuning doesn't seem to help; fine surface finishing doesn't seem to happen. Also XHC products don't seem to be very compatible with each other. I purchased the XHC tool setter and pendant. On the pendant the buttons do not function as they state even though they are meant to be compatible with the XHC card, they simply are not. The card appears to have fixed settings that you cant get to via Mach3, the pendant also has different settings to the motion controller....zero consistency. I am seriously looking at taking off the z axis and getting it beefed up so I can produce a reasonable surface; even with a 0.1mm step over all you see is the marks from excessive vibration.

    I have stopped using XHC tool setter as there is too much variation in the 'set point'...which means z can go off when tool changing.

    Would I buy another...no, with minimal customer support etc the savings aren't worth the risk...I'd rather pay more for a domestic or European/USA machine that the manufacture is proud of and cares about the customers.
    The build quality is ok. Vibration is unacceptable, some components are not really ideal. Total lack of literature and very messy macros means a bit of work ahead. I will retrofit a new motion control card to help things along.

    If I can iron out the few issues I'll be quite happy with what I have.....until I upgrade to a larger machine ;-)

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    Re: OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    It is appreciated for purchasing OMNI product and thanks for your trust. And it is pity that you were not very satisfied with OMNI service.
    Here is the situation explaination:
    In the process of machine working, there is question from you about the spindle rotating speed, omni after sales engineer communicated with you with videos and images for several times, was replied that is inconvenient and time wasting. Actually, it is just about inverter several parameters adjustment. Well, considering the customer afersales experience, we offered a brand new inverter with all parameters set up done. But after this, even our sales engineer contact you again, no reply from you anymore.
    About the MACH3 card and hanwheel, we will feedback it the technician, solve it asap. The standard z travelling size is 160mm for 1212 cnc router, customzied z axis size is 300mm, which may cause vibrication, which will also be feedback to technician, will be solved soon.
    May it is ocassionally that after sales service is not in time, or the communication is not very smoothly sometimes, we express our apologize to you. The inverter warranty is 2 years, in 2 years, if there is problem, you could reach us about inverter anytime. And the aftersales service is life long, anytime you could contact us for machine.
    Amanda Cheung from OMNI, www.omni-cnc.com,
    sales@omni-cnc.com, Skype: omni-cnc

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    Jul 2021

    Re: OMNI CNC Router Customer Review

    BAD experience - 2021, it looks like nothing has changed to this day with OMNI CNC. I bought an OMNI 1530 in July last year and received it in September 2020.
    1- I bought a 5x10 because I process 5x5 and 5x10 sheets. The table is NOT 5x10. The last inches are unsupported and not vacuumed.
    2- The bed is not square. The gantry follows the table nicely on the Y-axis but the X-axis is off by 4mm at the end of the 5ft.
    2- I asked for a modification to add retractable wheels. I sent drawings,... I got screw-on casters! Very inconvenient.
    3- Belts were loose. The machine had clearly not been tested before shipping.
    4- The Z sensor broke 2 weeks in. It took them 2 months to replace it after threatening them many times.
    5- One of my vacuum pumps is now dead. I asked for an exploded view of the Vacuum pump and spare part list to repair it.....2 months later, NOTHING. They finally sent me parts (I paid for shipping!!) and they shipped the wrong ones. They now tell me that I can buy spare parts locally and I just need to bring the broken bearings and leaky gaskets to a local store. This is how they handle warranty. DO IT YOURSELF.

    CONCLUSION: The machine is OK because it is very simple. But once your money is gone, you are on your own!.
    I am now shopping for a 5x10 with TC and, based on my experience, I will buy a different brand.

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