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    OMNI vacuum system

    I've had my 1530 running now for about 4 months. The 10HP vacuum that came standard is not enough power. From what I've read, most 5x10 machines have a 20HP vacuum system. My thought is to buy another vacuum exactly like the one I have and run them together to double the hold down power. Just thought I'd check here before pulling the trigger. My other issue is that I've got a 30AMP breaker to the machine that trips every once in awhile right when I turn the vacuum on. I suppose I could go to a 40AMP breaker, but I worry about damaging the machine? I was thinking I should get a variable frequency drive for the vacuum so I don't get the spikes at startup.

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    Re: OMNI vacuum system

    Is that 240V single phase? If so, I'm surprised it even runs on a 30 amp breaker. 10HP is about 35 amps.

    Having more current available will not do any damage. The motor only draws as much current as it needs.

    We have a 5x12 Morbidelli at work, and we use two 10HP Becker Rotary Vane pumps.

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    Re: OMNI vacuum system

    I have 2 x 5.5hp 2 stage reg pumps on an omni 1325, and the vacuum pipework is throttling airflow. All the under table pipework is 32mm and this just isn't providing enough airflow. With both pumps on, I can maintain 8in hg with nothing on the bed and all ports open. I am considering redoing the vac pipework with larger section pipes.

    I have a 10hp 2 stage vacuum reg pump on a 3x2m AXYZ machine and we make it work effectively with zones. Generally if we're cutting 3x2m panels or 1525x3050mm panels they are larger components that need less vacuum. We get about 10inhg when we're in the 2440x1220 zone at the beginning of a job, and approx 5-7in hg at the end of a job. When all zones are open we're getting about 5-7in hg at the begging. Cutting order, space between parts, zoning off areas and tabs all help.

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