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Thread: ON or OFF

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    ON or OFF

    Hi All

    I been getting a Arrow 2 (500) Simodrive 611 up and running
    Had few issues. Got help from a few people on here.
    Had to send board to Micacron for new battery and re flash.
    Had a local repair guy JLU Automation do some work on the power module
    Had Global Electronics repair the workstation
    JLU is going o look into the spindle drive
    For some reason when I go up in rpm all good as soon as i go down in rpm the spindle shuts down alarm 39-148
    Any ideas as to possible cause
    Also the little red on or off switches on the purple cables connectors not exactly sure of the settings
    at the moment left to right OFF OFF ON and ON on the DP board on top of Acramatic 2100
    These guys had a fourth axis that they removed it is OFF


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    Don't have a manual with me so need more details from the alarm 39-148 to try and help.

    The "little red switches" are for the profibus communication. If they are not correct you will get profibus alarms on the devices they are connected to. If your profibus is working, you can probably assume they are correct for now and should document them. Essentially all should be off except the terminating one(s).

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    Re: ON or OFF

    Sebalj, Hopefully you have the 9120xxxx Control Diagrams that match the number stamped on the Machine Serial Plate.
    The Profibus Connection plugs have a switch for a "Termination Resistor". The switch should only be "ON" at the extreme ends;
    never in the middle of the serial-inline-connections. In the case of the 4th Axis removed; then the last Axis "X/Z Combo" would be "ON" and the Rotary Axis "Unplugged",
    and hanging in the air, would be "OFF". The "A2100 Analog Control" in the cabinet would be "OFF".
    The "A2100Di Control" which would be behind the LCD display is different than your machine per the Control Diagrams.
    The 2nd problem with Alarming out during a spindle stop, or spindle reversal has something to do with the Siemens Power Supply (IR Module) unless you are using a phase converter for the main-AC supply;
    which would be a problem.
    This Profibus-Siemens Drives machine should be setup on "WYE" power at 400 VAC nominal. If higher than 420VAC into the mains there is a switch on the IR Module that needs to be turned on.
    Hope this helps....

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    Re: ON or OFF

    Thanks Greg

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