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    ONA A180 sinker english manual?


    Does anyone have an english manual for a ONA A180 EDM?
    I have a poorly translated Finnish manual, but would really love
    to have an English manual..

    Also would love to have proper schematics of the electronics
    (S2000-30A) and any maintenance documents..

    At the moment the machine switches off after a couple
    of minutes..


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    These guys are your best bet I feel.



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    No reply from the british company so far.

    I now have a schematic for S2000-60A, bit similar. It seems that board 7u7B has a relay that switches off power after a while. It has some timer IC too. I just don't know what the purpose of that board is and why the timer switches off power (should it? why?).

    Anyone with a working machine? Does it power off after a while? What needs to be on for this not to happen?

    Also, "arc light" is always on at the controller, even with generator off. Is this normal?

    Thanks! I'd really like to find another user of this machine (or any ONA machine with S2000 controller!) to share information.

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    Re: ONA A180 sinker english manual?

    Someone sent a private mail asking for the manual and schematics. I got email notification for it. However, for some reason I had to re-activate the account and it seems to have wiped all private messages at the same time.

    Please, send a new private message asking for the manual. I have a hardcopy of it.

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