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    Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    I want to reorganise space inside my shed (rotate 90deg and move 4 feet) and was wondering if anyone's got
    advice on how to move the table around safely ..

    (Ideally not having to take it apart)

    I have a pallet trolley which I was going to use but I think there's going to be some
    extra reinforcement required due to the lack of rigidity of the frame ( another project soon !)
    and the point loading the middle legs will take.

    Don't really want to bend anything if there's a risk of that.

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    Re: Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    When I asked a similar question to cncrp directly, they suggested mounting swing up trailer wheel jacks on the legs. I have not done that, but it seems doable. They did say that after moving at all, I should square up again.
    I sent them a link to some heavy duty casters that recess by dialing up and down and each was dated at 500lbs. They would attach to the same place the leveling feet do. They suggested against it and instead gave the suggestion above.

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    Re: Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    I bought a pair of 16’ long 6x6 posts and put heavy duty furniture dollies under them. Then I got a tilt back tow truck out to pull it up on the flat bed. Nerve racking but worked well.

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    Re: Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    For your move within the shop, maybe the local high school football team... Just a thought. I had half a dozen guys help me load and unload my 4x8 into a uhaul. But I did remove the gantry for that move.

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    Re: Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    I have two Harbor Freight lightweight 3 ton or less rated aluminum floor jacks with wheels of course. I just chuck either some 4x4 s or larger under the ends, jack and move machines
    anyplace I need In the shop.

    I guess I would have an issue having 20 teenagers in my shop, looking things over!
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    Re: Opinions on how to move a CNCRP 5' x 10'

    Thanks everyone .. did it with pallet jack and a hydraulic lifting table.

    Was nerve wracking to try and synchronise the lifting and dropping to not bend the table.

    Will need to replace the standard aluminium leg kit with some steel beams

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