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    Re: Optimum mb4 mill Conversion

    I think there are a lot of videos on YouTube reviewing this very machine.

    The guy doing this review has a good reputation.


    I just converted the price, not a good deal.

    The usual rule of thumb for selling used stuff on line is that 30% of new price is a good price, no matter the condition.

    You can pick up just about anything for that much less if you take your time and wait.

    I would not buy any machine for more than 30% unless it can be demonstrated as working and being used by a pro.

    Machines in this sort of condition are a red flag. If it was you and all you had to do was spend a few days to get a much better price for it, wouldn't you? What would stop you? probably having to spend a lot more money on it, if it was me and I had to spend more than half what I would get back selling it, then I would just sell it as is.

    I have also been looking at getting a used Milling machine, not sure about NZ but here you can pick up a used Bridgeport or Italian machines starting at that price, the drives to use the motors on single phase are only about $175 US dollars depending on how many KW. And you will get your money back if you want to sell it.

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