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    Order not received and emails ignored

    Hi Guys,

    I apologize in advance for creating this post, but I need to get this said.

    In March of this year the Mach3 controller on one of my machines packed up. After much consideration of which way to go, I decided on Planet CNC TNG. The machine is a 5 axis and the 3/9 board seemed the way to go.

    I created an account at Planet CNC and added what I thought I'd be needing to my cart. This included the 3/9 board, some breakout boards, a license, an MPG.

    At checkout there was only one option available for shipping which was "standard" shipping..... I immediately stopped and send a ticket to ask what shipping method they would use to South Africa. (What exactly is "standard")
    The official postal service in South Africa is basically dysfunctional. Most parcels "disappear" and are never delivered

    I received a response to my ticket almost immediately and was told that they would ship with DHL. I responded and said DHL was perfect and proceeded to check out and pay via PayPal. $550

    After that I received a confirmation email and then no communication for a few days.. I submitted another ticket asking when my order would ship and was told "tomorrow ".

    Tomorrow came and went and I received no confirmation of shipping or a tracking number. Another ticket requesting this information... Nothing.

    Another ticket and was told that they would be in the office "tomorrow" and would check with the shipping company.

    Again nothing for a couple days.
    Again some tickets, all ignored, and finally a response to say it was shipped and a tracking number. The tracking number did not look like a DHL tracking number so I sent another ticket and email asking for clarity. Ignored again. A few more tickets/emails and was told I chose "standard" shipping at checkout and that's how they sent it. (Regular Post)

    At checkout, the ONLY shipping option was "standard" that's why I initially asked about it and was told DHL to South Africa.

    When I pointed this out, I was told to just wait for it and I must not blame them for not shipping as they said they would, but to rather blame my government for the bad postal service! I am well aware of the bad postal service, that's why I agreed to DHL.

    So now here I am, into the third month since placing the order, and not received anything.
    17track shows the parcel arrived in South Africa on 16th April. I've been to the Post Office more than a dozen times to try and find this parcel only to be told every time that the parcel is not in South Africa.

    I have sent numerous tickets and emails to Planet CNC explaining all this and don't receive any response at all.

    Not really sure what to do here, I'm just shocked that Panet CNC are taking no responsibility for their mistake in their shipping.

    I guess I will just have to cut my losses ($550)..... and purchase another solution from an alternative vendor.

    I know that this post is long, but trust me this is the shortened version.... If it serves no other purpose other than to warn others in South Africa wanting to buy from Planet CNC,
    rather look elsewhere.


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    Re: Order not received and emails ignored

    You paid via PayPal....
    Advise PlanetCNC that service is not as agreed, and cancel it. Raise a dispute with PayPay, getting them(PayPal) to reverse the payment.

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    Re: Order not received and emails ignored

    Thank you. Was really hoping it wouldn't come to this but will explore this option

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    Re: Order not received and emails ignored

    Update: Got a response from Planet CNC.
    They say their post office is looking into the matter. Will wait a bit and see. Still Hoping for a positive outcome

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