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    OSP Data Card

    Looking through the Data Card for the u10m mill, has raised some questions in my mind, and I was wondering if anyone could help clear some up. Really its just understanding their terminology.

    I know what DNC-B is but I see references to DNC-C, C1, C2, C3, P1, P2, P3, DT, T1, T2, T3.

    I see DNC-A on the list is not checked, but Puncher I/F is, I thought these were basically the same thing.

    Floppy(R/W) is checked but IBM-Floppy.IO is not checked but I can program input from a DOS disk.

    What is the difference between Tape Store and Prog.Capa?

    What is Hi2-NC and Super-Hi2-NC?

    I have a curious mind and just wondering what these terms mean.

    Dave in Ohio

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    Re: OSP Data Card

    hi cg / " What is the difference between Tape Store and Prog.Capa? " tape store is a system device, thus a path from where the controller can load program files; tape storage size should be >= program capacity, so to allow you to load a maximum sized program, so to take advantage of full potential of the program capacity

    program capacity is a cnc constant ( capability ), and the tape is an input; this input should allow you to use the capability at full potential; for eg, if maximum program size is 2 mb, and tape storage is 500kb, then you may not use the cnc at full potential; in reverse, if the maximum program size is 500kb, and tape storage is 2mb, then you may store on that tape device only 4 programs with size = 500kb, or 8 programs with size 250kb; also, you may store only 2 programs with size 1mb, but the controller won't be able to load/select them, because their size is > program capacity / kindly
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    Re: OSP Data Card

    OK data card has on it:

    tapestore-320m -
    no other mention of tape store at all.

    program.capa160m 0
    program.capa320m -
    program.capa640m -
    program.capa1280m -
    program.capa2560m -

    obviously I am limited to 160m/64k program capacity. I know that both my MD1: and run buffer are 64k currently. It really doesn't matter cause I'm stuck there.

    This discussion is purely theoretical and to satisfy my minds curiosity and because this stuff really does keep me up all night...
    Looking at the options on data card and going by what you say reguarding tape storage and program capacity I could in theory have a buffer much larger than a part file. That to me just seems illogical.

    I just enjoy such discussions and I don't know where else to talk about it.
    Dave in Ohio

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