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    OSP file floppy 8" to PC

    GOOD MORNING, I would like to read 8 inch floppy disks on a computer, have any of you done that?now I bought this 115 volt shugart 901 reader, this morning I tried to enter the 115 volts and it seems to be spinning, can any of you help me understand how to make the connections of the 44 pins to connect it to the computer? Thank you
    here is a reader's manual http://www.dvq.com/docs/nicolet/sa900-901-Shugart.pdf
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    Re: OSP file floppy 8" to PC

    You should use usb to fdd ide converter. You must have electronic skills.

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    Re: OSP file floppy 8" to PC

    Adrain Black recently did a youtube video on getting an 8" floppy drive working on a PC follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfEzjcG_0gs

    The problem I would forsee is that the disk is probably OSP formatted and the computer is going to expect DOS format. Perhaps Kurmay's OSP reader could deal with that problem.

    Dave in Ohio

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