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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > OSP5000L-G parameters list
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    OSP5000L-G parameters list

    I have several manual books about Okuma, but there are no any tables about parameters meaning.
    I searched in this forum some parameters about RS232C interface. Now I can send and receive programm from PC to CNC. Today I recognised about lube parameters (#16 and #20).
    Where can I get the document about ALL parametrs?
    Can anybody has this in pdf or whatever format?

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    Re: OSP5000L-G parameters list

    Good question, anyone know ?

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    Re: OSP5000L-G parameters list

    page 313 or near them .., I think maybe you are looking for this?
    can you help me to record the tool length and the zero set? thank youuuu

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