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    Over complicated power feed using stepper motors

    I have a Grizzly G0781 and made a homemade power feed
    using a car seat motor and speed controller. Works great. I had some stepper motors and stepper drivers laying around and wanted to see if I could make a power feed with them. Found this signal generator on Amazon and works good. https://www.amazon.com/15-160V-Adjustable-Controller-Generator-Regulator/dp/B07HNSVMVH/ref=pd_bap_m_rp_2/138-0303090-8124171?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07HNSVMVH&pd_rd_r= 1bd2e0a1-986c-4f53-a3bf-d5bb92ff2221&pd_rd_w=GR9tr&pd_rd_wg=0yYHy&pf_rd_p= b1335604-246e-4b5e-8fbd-a1c826ead4a3&pf_rd_r=T898R9H6M4M9DD36TTW5&psc=1&re fRID=T898R9H6M4M9DD36TTW5

    Only thing I don’t like is to change direction it has a DPDT push on push off switch. Is there any way to change this to a on off
    on switch? Thnaks
    In advance. Joe

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    Re: Over complicated power feed using stepper motors

    Interestingly, I just went thru this. I have a HF mini mill I figured was overkill to fully CNC, but sure wanted power feed. Yet, because I used Steppers, I can always convert to CNC easily.

    Now that particular pulse generator you listed was very problematic for me. The pulse trains were messy, and the switches you point out are nearly impossible to remove from the board and relocate so they could be used ergonomically.

    What I found however is this unit, which works FANTASTIC. They take a while to get delivered, but after I had great results with the first ones I ordered so I ordered more for future stepper projects. These are awesome.


    I've had incredible results with this one over the unit you listed, and it offers some really nifty functions like running to a limit switch and stopping or running to a limit and reversing.

    In order to operate each axis, I used 10K Pots with on-off switches on them, one on each axis. The image shows the prototype panel. Things were laid out for operational ergonomics, where I can rest my hand on top the box they are mounted in to operate without stress. On the side of the box the switch panel goes in is an E-Stop that simply removes the ENABLE signal if I need to stop travel in a hurry, or even just manually mill for a second or two. I do have some changes planned with the text when I make a permanent control panel.

    I can turn any axis ON with that pot switch, then slowly dial up to the speed I want. While running, I can flip the direction switch and the pulse gen does a nice job changing directions immediately. I also installed "Nudge" momentary switches. Without the Pots turned ON, by using a momentary switch along with a resistor to feed power to the pot input as if it was turned on, I can nudge at a speed based on the resistance I chose. One probably could put in a rotary switch to choose a slow, medium and fast nudge if desired.

    I will be putting together some power feed systems for my Lathes with these soon. Love them !

    The amazon name listing is "DKC-1A Industrial Stepper Motor Controller" if the link does not work.
    Chris L

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    Hopefully this link works

    https://www.amazon.com/15-160V-Adjustable-Controller-Generator-Regulator/dp/B07HNSVMVH/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=stepper+motor+con troller&qid=1594514568&sr=8-3

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