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    Parameters affecting M00 and M02

    Hi you all!

    There are these two lathes which execute the code M02 differently; one stops the program and unlocks the door, while the other stops the program without unlocking the door. And then there's this mill which when executing M00 stops the program but won't allow the door to be (manually) unlocked without changing to JOG-mode (when on a lathe this is allowed without having to leave AUTO-mode).

    So I was wondering if this behaviour is set by some parameters and if so which one? I'd like M02 to stop the program and unlock the door (thus forcing you to open and close the door before continuing the program) and M00 to stop the program and allow you to unlock (and open) the door without leaving AUTO-mode.


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    Re: Parameters affecting M00 and M02

    Likely this is controlled by the ladder (PMC) and cannot be easily changed.

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    Re: Parameters affecting M00 and M02

    Our Doosans have different behaviors like that can be changed from the Keep Relays.

    I'd check the documentation for the machines.

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    Re: Parameters affecting M00 and M02

    I see, makes sense.
    Thank you for your replies memoryman and PNaedele.

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    Re: Parameters affecting M00 and M02

    What are the odds that you can post both ladders?

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