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    parkson 1na mill wanting to convert to cnc

    morning all, im in the process of buying a parkson 1na mill and i would like to convert it to cnc, now i have been offered a "kit" of 3 servo motors, drivers,controllers.
    Brushless servo motors;
    BONMET SM60-013-30LFB), 2500 LINE Encoder, 3,000RPM.
    Driver model SAL04C;
    Input AC 1/3 phases 50/60Hz 220V (+10%??15%), Output AC 3 phases 0-230V 4A.

    so my question is will they be powerful enough to run the trusty old girl?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_4094.jpg   Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 19.56.40.jpg   IMG_4092.jpg   Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 19.56.08.png  

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