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    part counter on this particular machine

    hello there! i was wondering if anybody knew where the part counter on this machine is? i don't really have any experience with this machiene as i am used to haas cnc's. colleegues at work don't know it either. also do we need to program the part counter or not? also i'll add in another picture of the screen i am looking at tomorow

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    Re: part counter on this particular machine

    You are showing a dutch manual. I believe this is the Heckert site https://www.starrag.com/en-us/v/brand/heckert/7. Maybe you can find more information on this site. If you can't find any one to help, I will have a look at the manual, my native language is dutch.

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    Re: part counter on this particular machine

    my native language is dutch too but unfortunately we couldn't find it anwhere in the manual perhaps i should send a email to heckert and ask them ? also i don't know if this is any helpful but here is the picture i took today from the interface of the machine ( and apparntly i am a bad photographer )

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    Re: part counter on this particular machine

    I am sorry, but I am not familiar with this kind of CNC software so the picture doesn't help. Send Heckert an email, they should help you as a user of their machine.

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