I'm looking for some feedback on Partmaker 2020. I've been using FeatureCam to program our Mori Seiki NL2000 lathes and it works pretty well but it does not seem to be compatible with our Star 2 channel and 3 channel swiss machines. I contacted Autodesk to try getting a post processer for FeatureCam to work with the swiss machines but they told me they don't make posts for them and that I would have to use the included Partmaker. It sounds like I could get the post processers I need for Partmaker. My question is how easy is Partmaker to learn and is it worth learning. I'm trying to program a Star SV-20R. It's a 3 channel swiss that uses both gang tools and a turret. Basically looking for any reviews, information or any feedback before I start diving into Partmaker