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    path pilot on lathe

    Anyone here turn their manual lathe to cnc with PathPilot?
    I was looking at a Mach4 package but would just as soon stick with a controller I know. When I had Mach3 on my 1100, most of the wizards it had didn't work. Don't need that again.

    Digital Machinist had an article about this with Mach4. Looks about what I would like for mine, still be able to do some things manually.


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    Re: path pilot on lathe

    I have used PP with my converted Weiss WM290 (same as PM1127-VF-LB). I haven't run it much in CNC mode yet, it's mostly been run manually using the Shuttle controller. I also did come mis-configuration when I set it up due to not knowing much about CNC lathes, which also created some problems when I tried to use the conversational.

    Lots of information on the LinuxCNC forum

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    Re: path pilot on lathe

    Thanks for the info.
    I checked out the price for the MachMotion set up. Way beyond what I want to spend on my home shop.


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