If anyone was wondering if you could do an ATC with PathPilot and not have to have teh USB board. YES you can. You simply remap teh M6 code and program the Subprogram you pointed it at to to run the ATC. Actually it was quite simple. NOW you will not have access to teh ATC page to see things like where your tools are in teh Carousel BUT gee wiz you are standing 2 feet away from it just glance over at it . All teh tool are right there.

Now this would assume you did not have a 4th axis and could use teh A axis to run teh Carousel. But with a little more work you CAN add the B axis to PP. But you will not have the B DRO,s but like before IF you needed to know where the Carousel is LOOK at it.

One could easily do a 24 tool Chain type ATC if you wanted that many tools on board.

Just a Thought, (;-) TP