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    PathPilot: Don't DeRef on Estop?

    Hi, does anyone know if there's a setting in PP/LinuxCNC similar to the Mach4 setting to Disable "DeRef Axis in E-Stop?". Don't trust my limit switches enough, to give good enough repeatability on ref, and wanted a little protection after spending time setting zeros, against bumping the e-stop accidentally, or interrupting a program.

    Bonus question: Using PP on 15L, does anyone know how to view or adjust the current Machine Coordinates? DRO?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Re: PathPilot: Don't DeRef on Estop?

    A few comments:
    I don't think that the limit switches are accurate enough on any Tormach to trust for accurate positioning. For anything that matters you should always reference to the fixture or part after referencing the machine.

    If the machine is moving and you eStop you will have no idea of the position so you should always re-ref.

    Unlike Mach, the Pause and Stop buttons stop almost instantly; there is no reason to ever use eStop except in an actual emergency such as a machine fire.

    Pressing eStop will lose the current positioning microstep, the direction for backlash compensation, etc.

    In answer to your original question: I am not aware of a setting and suspect that you will have to dig into the guts of PP to accomplish what you requested.

    Did you mean "machine coordinates" or "work coordinates"? G53 uses machine coordinates and are normally left alone. G54... are work coordinates.

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    Re: PathPilot: Don't DeRef on Estop?

    Awesome, thanks! G53 is exactly what I was looking for. May be ill-advised, but a trick I use on my mill, which doesn't even have limit switches, is to park it in a known location before I shut down, then reference machine to that location on next startup. I may lose a half-step or some backlash, but seems to work well for my needs.

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