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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > EMCO CNC Machines > EMCO Lathe > PC Turn 120 Floppy Disk Images?
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    PC Turn 120 Floppy Disk Images?

    Does anyone have the floppy disks for a PC Turn 120? I've finally powered mine up and it's asking for a system restore disk. If you have them, would you be able to take some image backups of the floppies please?

    I suspect it might need a new hard drive so that's on order too.

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    Re: PC Turn 120 Floppy Disk Images?

    Hmmmm, I have one of those as a spare control, but I don't think I have any disks for it. However, I wouldn't use the drive anyhow. I'd suggest you move to RS232. Once you setup the parameters, then you can push the parameters that way. Unfortunately, the MSD is technically specific to a machine because it includes backlash. if you had an EmcoTurn 120 or Compact 6 I could help you, but the PC Turn 120 is not anything I have experience with. Sorry.

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