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    pcnc 1100 needs cleaned

    Hey Guys I am new to metal cnc and I bought a tormach 1100 pcnc its in good shape but has been sitting for a while, before i run it a lot I wanted to know do you recomend any particular cleaning products and what type of oil to use to lubricate it. Sorry for the rookie questions just dont want to break anything thanks in advance

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    Re: pcnc 1100 needs cleaned

    any brand way lube oil will do. In a pinch you can use hydraulic oil which works fine with no ill effects , just be sure to give a shot a bit more often

    wd40 makes a concentrated degreaser soap which in my opinion is a must have . It's great for cleaning the machine and surrounding areas including the concrete floor . It's safe for most stuff including aluminum . Yesterday I did maintenance to 2 of my mills and I gave them their first bath in 4 yrs . They've had heavy use and were pretty crusty from coolant and chips , full concentrate cut through the grime in seconds , but normally it can be well diluted . Simple green is ok but not nearly as good .
    Dollar store is great for buying brushes for sweeping chips off the table etc , air blast works better but also sends chips flying everywhere .

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    Hey metalmayhem thank you very much for your knowledge I appreciate it.

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    Re: pcnc 1100 needs cleaned

    I use Mobil Vactra #2 way oil on my 1100 since 2007. I always lubricate the Z-axis ball screws and ways by hand by lowering the z-axis all the way to the mill table.

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