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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > PCNC440 - Max Part Size with multiple setups?
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    PCNC440 - Max Part Size with multiple setups?

    I've been following here for a while and finally ordered a 440 and a 8L lathe to use for prototyping, which should be delivered in a few weeks hopefully.

    One of the first parts I have lined up to complete on the 440 is a aluminum mounting plate, approx 11" x 18" x 3/4". With the 10x6x10 travel of the machine - would this be part be possible to do in two setups? Would there be interference with the enclosure or column?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: PCNC440 - Max Part Size with multiple setups?

    I think you'll be okay, as long as you think through your setups really well.

    The table is about 24.5" x 7.5", with lots of space outside the work area on the left hand side, and lots of space "in front of" the work area (towards the user). So you should be able to have the part that's not being worked on at a given time hanging off to the left and to the front without hitting the enclosure. There is also some space outside of the work area to the right side, although not as much as to the left....it should helps some though.

    There is very little room between the working area and the column, so you'll need to rely on the aforementioned areas. I hope this helps!

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    Re: PCNC440 - Max Part Size with multiple setups?

    Ive been learning a 440 at my current gig. Im not new to CNC but new to milling metal parts, had 15 years of experience doing organic milling of sculpture and models for the toy industry. One thing I did not think about is the tooling adds to the overall limitation of your travel. Ive been using a 2" shear hog for facing and it has given me problems several times already,. Yesterday an 8 inch part and I could not run a facing op in X because it exceeds the travel with such a big tool. So I ran it in Y without issue. Just need to learn the limitations and workaround. it. I think that big of a part is a challenge on this little machine, BUT as said with careful and clever planning you will figure it out, however going to be a lot of work for a single part. but you gotta work with what you bought
    now right. Good luck.

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