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    Plasma cutting issue

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my plasma cnc when cutting...
    I have tried many way to solve this issue but was unsuccessful...
    Ok here it is... My machine torch would touch off & pierce in the right location 10% of the time the
    rest it would be traveling to its next pierce location then stop somewhere anywhere and touch off for no reason then complete its travel at pierce height to the next pierce location, sometimes it would stop and try to touch off in a cutout driving the torch head below the table top... if any cnc master mind wants to tackle this it would be greatly appreciated...
    Machine specs: Homebuilt table, Everlast 80s, XHC controller, Mach3, sheetcam, inkscape, Price THC, Note: THC not working at the moment...

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    Re: Plasma cutting issue

    Suspect it’s doing it so it doesn’t crash into work piece?

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