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    Please HELP! My laser machine cut only the first figure!

    Hello everyone.
    I have the problem that my laser machine (80w Lasercut 5.3) started to throw a fault during the cuts. At first I noticed a variation in the intensity of the cut in some areas but after trial and error I discovered that working with the maximum power of 50% works perfectly. For example, I can easily cut 9mm plywood (we call it 9mm mdf in Argentina) setting the cut // speed: 5 power: 50 cornerpower: 50 // but I discovered that it only cuts the first figure well and lowers the power with the rest ( the ammeter shows approx 2.5 mA during the fault and 10mA when it works correctly). It does not matter if the first figure is bigger or more complicated than the second. Always cut the first only.
    I tested in different areas of the machine's work area.

    Has something like this ever happened to you?
    Hope someone has a solution!

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    Re: Please HELP! My laser machine cut only the first figure!

    It could be as simple as making sure you have the correct settings on the second color line. I suppose you have different line assignments.

    check that first and see if that solves the problem..

    Como esta Argentina??

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