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    Question PMC Ladder Upload/Download - Fanuc Powermate D


    Has anyone had experience of uploading & downloading the PMC ladder etc via the JD5 RS232 port (on Powermate D) to a PC/Laptop DB9 serial port using the Fapt Ladder Software (early version -J502#EN V6.3)

    I need to construct a serial cable for this application.

    So am particularly interested in the 'pin-outs' for the Hirose 20 pin connector for JD5 on the Powermate D, and the DB9 connector at the PC.

    I've found the pin designations in a fanuc manual, but I find it unclear as to which lines are connected and which pins may need to be linked/bridged.

    If anyone has a known working cable, and you know how it's constructed, then please let me know.

    Thanks in anticipation of a reply.....



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    how to download or upload pmc in powermate system

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    For all who have cnc cabling questions:
    I have added a typical crossover cabling that is used with hardware handshake between DB9 and DB25 connector.

    Software handshake (e.g. Fanuc) is also added.

    Hirose 20pin: look at the 25pin connector of the crossover cabling picture - description of the pins - find out the according pins on the hirose plug (I'm shure that there is some sheet with TX RX aso.)

    If you like i can post a short cabling guide here.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cncnetcrossover.gif   cncnetfanuc.gif  

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    pmc ladder not showing in powermate model D

    Dear one,
    i have a powermate model D.we were face problem of 911 sram parity alarm (4N+1).
    So, we delete all the thing. n dicided to put all parameter once again . so we did this. after all this we found there is no ladder os present in system. we have same m/c having same plc ladder, but problem is how to take that backup & put in another m/c.
    pls help me..

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    Hi ARPIT,

    Method 1)
    You need the Fapt Ladder software, and probably an old DOS PC to run it on.

    Also, you need a communications cable for connection between the DOS PC and the Powermate RS232 port.

    With the Fapt Ladder software running on your PC, and connected to the other machine, you need to transfer (Backup) the Ladder program from it.

    And then connect PC to the other machine and load the copy from the faulty machine.

    Method 2)
    There is another method, which uses a Fanuc Memory card, this would be inserted into the card slot on the working Powermate, and the system backed up to this card.

    Then take the card to the faulty machine and transfer it to this one.

    There are other methods, using a Fanuc Handy... something or other (A disc drive I believe)

    Are you able to get a Fanuc Engineer to visit, to transfer the machine software from one machine to another? He could bring a memory card or other device/software with him.

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    hi, RLMTS,
    thanks for telling procedure.actually we call fanuc engineer.he did the same procedure. again he told that we can take backup by using flash rom card of 1mb. actually our card also damaged so we replace with nearby machine.
    thanx again.

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    Hi arpit,
    You are welcome, I'm pleased you are sorted.

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    Jul 2010


    fanuc engg take the backup feed into other m/c, but its giving alarm reset written on display and control on m/c not happening. he connect rom flash card, then in progman he written M & read the flash card. all parameter read but reset problem was there. so after 2 day some person written M# instead of M & took the parameter. and it works....

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    Glad you are now sorted, thanks for the update.

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    Feb 2010

    Fanuc Help

    Hi Dear,
    I read your conversation about Ladder download/upload.And also I have Fanuc 21-tb could you please guide me about ladder downloading and uploading i have all the machine data but i don,t know how it,s upload.

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    Re: PMC Ladder Upload/Download - Fanuc Powermate D

    Dear Sir i want to take ladder backup from Fanuc 18TB through RS232 software for editing ladder on Fapt lll software so please help to get procedure for both and also some one can give me Fapt ladder version for my PC , So please some have it then please mail me on my mail ID: sanjaydf@yahoo.com.

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    Jan 2023

    Re: backup

    Hi there
    I'm looking for fanuc 21-TB Backup file to restore my machine so if you send me any one I really appreciated. My ?e-mail address is Jahn_moh@yahoo.com

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    Oct 2008

    Re: PMC Ladder Upload/Download - Fanuc Powermate D

    Thanks for members information,I need backup of power mate D and H series by pc software.please share link to download and pc cable schematic(jd5 rs232 port to 9-pin rs232 of pc).

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