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    Question polar coordinates

    I wonder how I can programming polar coordinates. In the past I worked on a Heidenhain system where I programmed with "CC X0 Y0" the center of a circle and with "LP/CP P40 R30 F800" the traveling distance. (LP=G00/G01 CP=G02/G03 LP=angle R=radius)
    Is it possible to programming that on a Okuma OSP-300-M system?

    And my second question... is there a G-Code or something else to meet the contour?

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    Re: polar coordinates

    hy just did a quick search, and i found something in attached manual, about i-map

    i don't understand what you mean by "meet the contour" / kindly

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    Re: polar coordinates

    I guess "meet the contour" is tangental snap to existing shape. For instance, a circle meets the segment of ray under an angle.
    That kind feature comes with IGF.

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