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    Poor surface finish

    The images below show the issue I am having. This is on a TorqCut22. When traveling in the X direction there are heavy/deep tool marks in the part. Both directions were cut with the same conditions. When I interpolate a circle the pattern shows all the way around.

    Any suggestion on which component is bad. I am thinking that the Y screw/nut combination might be bad.

    X Axis travel direction
    Attachment 425340

    Y Axis travel direction
    Attachment 425342

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    Re: Poor surface finish

    Looks like my Sieg X2 does.
    Mines mostly down to a wobbly screw rocking the table which you can only really see if you run a DTI across the back of it.
    I should never have used thrust bearings on those damn things.

    Not worth fixing mine though as my head gib ways have spread, head vibrations are making it look even worse.

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    Have you checked the ballscrew and thrust bearings as you appear to have some play in the screws
    Have you tried changing the side you approach from and changing from climb to push milling

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    Re: Poor surface finish

    I agree. I am not sure which one would be causing it though.

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