Update some info for those of us with old lathes running Fagor 800T controls

I will tell you I have had zero success until today with communicating with my lathe. Probably 8 solid days invested getting to this point.

Here are the fact:

laptop computer running windows 11
Fagor download of WinDnc V6.2
Startech USB to 9 pin RS232 adapter ( download the driver www.starttech.com/ICUSB232V2 )

modified the pin out on a older RS232 cable as follows

cnc side -------- Computer side

2 to 2
3 to 3
7 to 5

join together wires
5,6,9 8,6,4

9600 Baud rate, Data bit 8, parity none, stop bit xon/xoff

Parameter 606 11001010

This has allowed me to transfer files.

Now I just have to figure out my post processor for Fusion360. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Currently I get an error 34 - strange character.
I have been working on note pad to see what I can change.

(This Does Not work ***********The manual for my machine says 9600 Baud rate, Data bit 7, parity none, stop bit 1