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    Positive Pallet Identification

    Hello all,

    I have a 2016 Matsuura H+400 with a G-Tech 31-i control. It has a 6 pallet pool with Matrix. I am trying to use the weekly timer function to run a program that warms up the spindle + XY axis, and does a calibration check for the probe(s). I have to run this program on a specific pallet and face. I am having some difficulty gathering the information required to achieve this.

    I am looking for any information regarding the following:
    1. has anyone done this before? if so, how?? if not, see #2.
    2. how does the machine know which pallet is in the machine, and is that information an accessible variable?
    3. are there accessible variables that control the red star and readying of pallet face?


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    Re: Positive Pallet Identification

    The control will send the machine pallet number to a macro variable.
    You have to set the variable number in DATA TABLE D12420. (System, >, PMC MAINT, DATA, OPRT, ZOOM)
    You have to make certain the variable number is not being used by another program/function as it will override each other.

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