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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > possibility for OSP-5000 backups and floppy replacements?
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    Question possibility for OSP-5000 backups and floppy replacements?


    Where I currently work they have an old mill with an OSP-5000 an 8-inch floppy + RS232 connection.
    thing is it has a tendency to loose its memory very easily and we have to reset the parameters by hand each time, i'm looking into ways to avoid that.

    I understand that one can use the 8" floppies to make backups but i wonder is there any way to backup/send parameters or load in the OSP through the RS232 port instead of the using the floppies and if it is possible how do i do it and what software is needed?

    Been looking into replacing the 8" with a USB but that is still in development and the company isn't keen on buying an official okuma 8" to USB replacement even though 8" in these days are more than unfavorable to use have looked at some alternative floppy replacement (E-bay,ect) but most are made for 3.5 floppies and don't know if a simple 50-Pin to 34-Pin converter would work or something else is needed.

    anyone that gone through the journey i'm on and can give some advice since i really like this old machine and trying to save to from being decommissioned.

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    Re: possibility for OSP-5000 backups and floppy replacements?

    1. You are very lucky able to restore the parameters from floppy. Keeping such an old hardware and floppies in good condition is real challenge today. Respect.
    2. You should worry about re-conditioning the power supply unit. The bubble memory starts to fail because the sequence of power on is failing. The time gap between +12V (-12V) rise up and +5V on is important. As far I know there are replacements based on "normal" CMOS memory designed already - these don't require ±12V and are much easier to maintain.
    3. There is no way to restore lost memory via serial. However, see the next note.
    4. If the parameters are lost only, they ( probably ) can be restored from file. File is possible to transfer via serial. Don't recall specifically for OSP5000, but check ir there are some files with .TOP extension.
    5. Don't be so sure, that parameters are lost only. With memory failure some important system data can be corrupted. To fix this you need to reinstall the system or restore from the backup.
    6. Don't be afraid to replace the 8" floppy with 3,5" or with simulator. You can ask a college student ( IT or automation ) to do a research work. Floppy interfaces are pretty similar. Okuma format of data on the floppy is a bit tricky, but it is solved as well.

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    Re: possibility for OSP-5000 backups and floppy replacements?

    Thank you for a good answers learned a bit from it, and will look into it more thoroughly.

    1. i was surprised myself when i started here to see a working 8" with its floppies in pristine condition, and since i am an geek for old hardware it was almost an honor to be able to use it.
    2. i will look into it i have had a theory about voltage spikes that corrupts the memory a good lead.
    5. i managed to find some empty 8" floppies in my retro corner at home to try and make some backups on.
    6. been looking into it (old computer geek/support guy) haven't thought about the formatting of the disks. will need to look into that as well butas you say someone have done it i just need to find it.

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