Hi All,

Been using my small proxxon now and then for small hobby projects. (See attached pics in proxxon.zip) and successfully posted 4-axis code for mach3 using the rotary mill gibbs post ''Fanuc 6M RM001.17.5m'' both in polar & cylindrical milling mode contouring and in radial contour processes. I have even been lucky in changing the default 10000max rpm parameter in the Fanuc 6M RM001.17.5m by just opening the form in a text editor and replacing the 10000 value with 24000 and it worked.

In a recent project though, I tried the rotary rough plugin and have seen in the help file that it operates with advanced mill and mill/turn posts but somehow thought that the rotary mill post I use could work too. Unfortunately, no A axis values are written in the gcode during the rotary rough operation.

Have also tried all the attached advanced mill posts of the D label as indicated in gibbs help guide but they also do not issue any A axis coordinate values at the rotary rough operation in the gcode output.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback in case someone had similar experience and be very happy to upload more posts for people in need of as long as are included in my list.