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    Post processor for GibbsCam

    Does anyone out there have a post processor for GibbsCam to make programs for the series 2 Tormach?

    I have a Fanuc post now, but it would be nice not to have to edit every post I make.
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    If you have PostHASTE you can generate your own post processor. You need the base text file to start with.

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    Do you have a Haas post, that should be very close.

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    Check this thread for Gibbs post processors:


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    I only do 2.5D machining with Gibbs and have been using the Centroid M50 (M841.87) post with very good success with my PCNC770. The only change I've had to make was to add an "M25.m1s" macro in the Mach3 (or PCNC) macro folder to perform the same function as an M998. I normally uncheck "prefer macros" in the various machining pallets before running the post so I can't comment on how compatible the macros are with Mach3.

    The Centroid post is available from the link in the previous message above.

    BTW, Thanks for the link txcncman!

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    Re: Post processor for GibbsCam

    Your inbox was full so this is how I'm getting back to you. Send me your email. It might work, but when I sent it too someone with Powermill it didn't work. But maybe we can work on fixing the .post for Gibbscam to make it work for you using mine.


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