Hello guys!
I've posted this in other forums as well, hoping to find some answers!
I like to know something about powder coating. I'm ultimately at the point where I need to decide what coating I will apply to my chassis. The popular trend seems to be powder coating, but I'm a little reluctant because I've learned touch-ups are impossible. The other alternative seems to be acrylic enamel paint or plating. What do you guys use for coating your chassis?
I've been studying how powder coating, paints, and electroplating help to inhibit corrosion. I assumed that powder coating helps counter all sorts of corrosion, essentially rusting. But in an article, I saw that powder coating wouldn't deter rusting, and something besides coating must be done to avoid rusting. At the same time, electroplating can be applied for corrosion inhibition and improves wearability. Is that valid? Are there any means we can try to adjust the powder coating to prevent rusting?